University of Missouri

49-35: A Resolution to Establish Trayless Dining (FAILED)

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill #49-35


PURPOSE: To encourage Campus Dining Services to permanently convert its facilities to operate without trays

WHEREAS: The recent ‘trayless’ dining week delivered results of substantial decrease in food and water waste, and

WHEREAS: Those results included a 25% decrease in food waste, and 14,000 gallons of water conserved, and

WHEREAS: These savings would almost certainly improve overall quality of Campus Dining facilities, and

WHEREAS: CDS has previously stated in meetings regarding trayless dining that some of these improvements could include higher quality foods, specifically higher quality meats

WHEREAS: Campus Dining has repeatedly stated they would like to move to ‘trayless’ dining if the students were in support of doing so, and

WHEREAS: To ignore these facts would prove an egregious error, as increased sustainability and conservation not only have far reaching benefits for the earth itself, but the monetary savings from switching to trayless dining would directly benefit students, and

WHEREAS: To be effective as leaders we must sometimes make difficult, unpopular decisions in order to accomplish an end that will conclusively be better for ourselves and our constituents than the current status quo, and

WHEREAS: To minimize the possible negative reaction to such a shift, trays could be phased out over the summer, and done away with by the fall, furthermore some trays could be left in a central location of a given facility to accommodate those who desire them and those who require them to dine.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that: As many Campus Dining facilities as possible be converted to trayless locations no sooner or later than the fall 2010 semester, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that: MSA and CDS work in conjunction on a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of trayless dining throughout the course of the spring 2010 semester and will communicate with CDS on a regular and continued basis to both ensure progress and communicate that progress to students.

Respectfully Submitted,

Evan Wood, Chair, Operations Committee

Amanda Shelton, Senate Speaker