University of Missouri

49-33: An Act To Establish An Ad Hoc Committee On Campus Safety

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill 49-33 


PURPOSE: To establish an ad hoc committee on campus safety, whose main charge shall be to do the necessary planning and research to create Tiger Watch as an auxiliary of the Missouri Students Association.

WHEREAS: Tiger Watch is a proposed auxiliary which would serve to make the University of Missouri campus one which is safer for its students, and

WHEREAS: There is a great deal of strategic planning and research to be done in order to fully establish this auxiliary program in full, and

WHEREAS: This work will include developing a comprehensive plan for how the auxiliary will operate, when it will operate, and any other procedural decisions, and

WHEREAS: The best way to ensure this work is done effectively and efficiently, while making sure these decisions are made by any and all who wish to participate, especially senators, would be to establish the proposed ad hoc committee

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that: the ad hoc ‘Campus Safety Committee’ be established in accordance with Chapter II Section 2.80 of the Association bylaws.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that: The committee’s membership be open to any University of Missouri student.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that: The chair of the committee be selected by the Speaker of the Senate from any interested applicants, and the vice-chair of the committee be selected by the chair of the committee.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that: The charge of the committee be the necessary research and planning to establish Tiger Watch as an official Auxiliary of the Missouri Students Association, pending the required legislation to officially create it.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that: In accordance with Chapter II Section 2.80 of the bylaws the committee will dissolve upon the passage of legislation creating Tiger Watch as an official Auxiliary or upon the close of the 49th Session in May 2010.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Horan, Student Affairs Chair

Evan Wood, Operations Chair

Amanda Shelton, Senate Speaker