University of Missouri

49-31: An MSA Resolution on the University Bookstore’s Textbook Rebate

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-31

An MSA Resolution on the University Bookstore’s Textbook Rebate

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri’s Bookstore offers students who buy their semester textbooks through the Bookstore a rebate to be used on items found in the bookstore, and,

WHEREAS, this rebate program has been offered by the Bookstore for several semesters, and,

WHEREAS, the Bookstore has made efforts to inform the students of the rebate program through the use of rebate tables, flyers attached to the textbook receipts and printing the rebate information, and,

WHEREAS, despite the efforts of the Bookstore in alerting students to the rebate opportunity many students, especially new freshmen, do not know of the rebate opportunity, and,

WHEREAS, MSA and the Bookstore have worked together in pervious years in order to spread the word about the rebate program, and,

WHEREAS, it was suggested to Director Sherry Pollard of the Bookstore that a new flyer be developed and dispersed in the textbook boxes in which “Early-Bird” textbooks are handed out, and,

WHEREAS, MSA has access to additional resources in order to notify students of the rebate opportunity.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENT’S ASSOCIATION thatthe MSA Senate, in particular the Academic Affairs Committee, coordinate with the University of Missouri’s Bookstore in alerting students to the upcoming and future rebate programs offered by the Bookstore through the use of the Department of Student Communications, flyers such as the one intended for the Early-Bird book boxes, and other suitable methods of mass communication.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ian F. Krause, Chair Academic Affairs

Amanda Shelton, MSA Senate Speaker