University of Missouri

49-30: A Resolution Acknowledging the MU Bookstore’s Adoption of a Textbook Rental Program

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-30

A Resolution Acknowledging the MU Bookstore’s Adoption of a Textbook Rental Program

WHEREAS, over the last several years, numerous ideas have been conceived in an effort to reduce the cost of textbooks for students, and,

WHEREAS, these ideas have lead to several innovative attempts, including a Textbook Rental system, where students can rent their textbooks for a fraction of their cost whether new or used instead of having to buy them outright, and,

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri’s bookstore is adopting Textbook Rental Program starting in the Spring Semester of 2010, and,

WHEREAS, MU’s sister college Missouri University of Science and Technology (Rolla) has for the last four years had a Textbook Rental Program for an Algebra Math Class and is currently expanding into a Psychology Class, and,

WHEREAS, MU’s bookstore has announced that for the 2010 Spring Semester there will be four books used in the Textbook Rental Program, and,

WHEREAS, this program will reduce the cost of one textbook from $200 New, $150 Used, to $66 Rented, and another textbook from $147 New, $110 Used, to $57 Rented, and,

WHEREAS, the last book listed above has been agreed upon to be used for at least 5 semesters, and the solutions manual for the first listed book is also being rented for $24, and,

WHEREAS, the Textbook Rental Program shows great promise and eventually could produce numerous benefits for the students of MU.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENT’S ASSOCIATION thatthe MU Bookstore be commended for their effort to provide students with an alternative method of obtaining their textbooks for the coming semester.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Senate, in particular the Academic Affairs Committee, and other interested parties work with the University of Missouri Bookstore in encouraging more classes at the University to adopt a Textbook Rental Policy in order that the student’s of the University have a more economical option in obtaining their textbooks.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ian F. Krause, Chair Academic Affairs

Amanda Shelton, Senate Speaker