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49-29: An Act to Create a Per-Semester Stipend for MSA Senate Committee Chairs

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-29

An Act to Create a Per-Semester Stipend for MSA Senate Committee Chairs

WHEREAS: Committee chairs hold positions of high responsibility, and

WHEREAS: A committee chair puts in a minimum of 5-7 hours per week into MSA, and

WHEREAS: Committee chairs have duties beyond those specifically listed in section 2.60 subsection (b)(3) including, but not limited to: being an encourager, leader, and team facilitator; being the outspoken representative of their respective committee to their fellow senators, administrative officials, and constituents; being the primary director of legislative or other long and short term projects; and lastly, being a source of vast knowledge and someone who committee members can trust and rely on for advice and direction with their ideas and goals, and

WHEREAS: Turnover for committee chairs has been a consistent problem within the MSA Senate, with four committee chairs stepping down this Senate session and similar turnover in past semesters, and

WHEREAS: This turnover, among other valid reasons, can be principally attributed to the lack of incentive offered for the significant amount of work and responsibility taken on by a committee chair, and

WHEREAS: A stipend will offer the benefits of attracting more applicants to a committee chair position, retaining chairs in their position for a longer period of time, and incentivizing committee chairs to work more productively and fulfill their obligations as chair due to increased accountability for output as a result of payment for services rendered.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENT’S ASSOCIATION SENATE that sections of Chapter IV of the Association Bylaws be amended to read:

4.50 Compensation of Officers

(A) COMPENSATION ALLOWANCES-The officers of MSA shall be compensated as follows:

  • Speaker of the Senate: $2112 per fall and winter semester and $1320 per summer
    • ($8.25/hr x 16 hrs/week)
  • Senate Committee Chairs: $650 per fall and winter semester
    • (7.25/hr x 6 hrs/week, bi-weekly stipend payment [i.e. fixed rate, not hourly pay])
  • The Two Clerks of the Senate: $731.11 per fall and winter semester
    • ($7.05/hr x 6 hrs/week)

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that committee chairs must be held strictly accountable to follow all guidelines required of a committee chair as laid out in Chapter II, Section 2.6, Paragraph B,


(a) Ensure that their committees accomplish their charge as defined by law and address legislative priorities assigned to it by the Speaker.

(b) Coordinate the functions of their committees by ensuring that its members fulfill their individual duties and responsibilities.

(c) Preside at all meetings of their committees.

(d) Ensure the maintenance of records of discussions and actions taken by their committees.

(e) Submit reports to the Speaker at the end of every semester, or at the request of the Speaker, detailing the legislative accomplishments of their committees during that semester.

(f) Submit a report at the beginning of every semester outlining the agenda and legislative goals for their committees in that semester and a schedule of office hours for the semester. Each chair is required to hold at least three office hours each week at consistent times.

(g) Submit to the Speaker a report detailing the appointments of their committees

(h) Duty and the power to appoint and remove, should they become derelict in their duties, one Vice-Chair and one Secretary.

(i) Appoint members of the committee to address issues that are not being addressed by                                     other members of the committees, or to interact with other administrative or                                     executive units not covered by these bylaws;

this accountability shall be the responsibility of the chairs themselves, the Speaker of the senate, and any applicable oversight entities, and

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that portions of Chapter II of the Association Bylaws be amended to read


(1) REQUIREMENTS — Chairs of committees must be a Senator at the time of appointment, unless otherwise noted. While holding office, the Chair must remain a full time undergraduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and must maintain a minimum 2.2 cumulative grade point average. Committee chairs may not hold another paid position in the Association while serving as chair.

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in accordance with the Bylaws in Section 4.50 (B), if a committee chair should leaves his or her position before the end of the semester, (s)he will only be entitled to the proportion of the stipend equivalent to the proportion of the semester that they served (also equivalent to no more than 6 hours per week that they served). The next Chair will be eligible to receive a stipend equivalent to the proportion of the semester that (s)he serves, starting from the date of his or her Confirmation by the Full Senate and,

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that for the purpose of better organization within committees that chairs should be aware of the different positions they are able to appoint within their own committee by rewriting Chapter II, Section 2.60, Paragraph B, Subsection 3g, which reads, “(g) Submit to the Speaker a report detailing the appointments of their committees.” Now read,

2.60 (B) (g) Submit to the Speaker a report detailing the appointments (such as Vice-Chair, Secretary, Historian, etc.) of their committees and,

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that if a chair should not perform their duties as stated in the bylaws, the chair removal clause shall be utilized as stated in Section II, Section 2.60, Paragraph B(4), which reads,

(4) DISCIPLINARY & REMOVAL PROCESS-The Speaker of the Senate may request the removal of any chair for dereliction of duty, including failure to address the legislative responsibilities assigned to the chair by the Speaker. Such request must be in the form of a written petition citing incidents and reasons for removal presented to the chair to be removed, the members of that chair’s committee, and to the Operations Committee. Should the Speaker request that the Operations Chair be removed, the petition must be presented to the Vice-Chair of the Operations Committee. All such petitions must be filed with the Clerks and open to public review. A Chair may also be removed upon presentation of a petition listing the cause or causes for removal signed by 20% of the total Senate membership. A vote by secret ballot shall be taken at a regularly scheduled Senate meeting and the Chair shall be removed by majority vote, may be enforced.

Respectfully Submitted,

Matt Sheppard, Budget Chairman

Evan Wood, Operations Chairman

Taha Hameduddin, MSA Senator

Sami Ware, MSA Senator

Nadege Ngomsi, MSA Senator

Xavier J. Billingsley, MSA Senator

Max Smith, MSA Senator

Garrett Berguist, MSA Senator

Claire Kates, MSA Senator

Logan Borgsmiller, MSA Senator

Doug Cowing, MSA Senator

Brett Dinkins, MSA Senator