University of Missouri

49-24: An Act to Further Improve the Committee Chair Approval Process

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-24

An Act to Further Improve the Committee Chair Approval Process

Purpose: To repair a discrepancy in the committee chair approval process

WHEREAS: Bill 48-107 was created and passed in order to improve the previous methods for approving prospective committee chairs, and

WHERAS: This bill altered the approval process such that all prospective chairs selected by the speaker must be  approved by the committee to which they would be chair as well as the Operations Committee, and

WHEREAS: This bill did not provide provisions in the case of the approval of a chair for Operations, and

WHERAS: A senator seeking to become the chair of the Operations Committee would only be up for approval by the Operations Committee, and

WHERAS: A potential chair for any other committee not only has the chance to be approved by two separate committees but so long as “at least one committee approves the designee they will be voted on in full senate”, and

WHEREAS: A designee for the Operations Committee chair’s approval would depend solely on the vote of one committee (the Operations Committee), and

WHEREAS: This is a severe discrepancy in the bylaws of this body that is unjust and unfair for Operations chair designees, and

WHEREAS: The Succession for presiding officers in full Senate places Student Affairs directly under Operations, and

WHEREAS: Student Affairs is thus the next logical committee to act as a second approval committee in place of Operations, and

WHEREAS: 48-107 was amended in full Senate to create a check and balance system such that one committee’s approval is sufficient for a designee to be confirmed by full Senate, and

WHEREAS: The language of the bylaws under Chapter II Section 2.50 Sub-section E does not currently reflect that.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that the following sections of the Association Bylaws under Chapter II: Legislative Branch are amended to read:

2.50 Officers of the Senate
(E) Committee Chairs—Chairs of committees shall be appointed by the Speaker andapproved voted on by their prospective/intended committee prior to their approvalbeing voted on by Operations Committee, and confirmed by the Senate. Prospective Operations chairs shall be voted on by the Operations Committee as well as the Student Affairs Committee.


2.60 Senate Committees

            (B) Committee Chair

(3) Method of Selection—When the office of a committee chair becomes vacant, the Speaker shall inform the Senate and must allow one full calendar week to accept applications for the positions. After interviewing qualified candidates, the Speaker shall appoint a new Chair from among the applicants with the advice of the Legislative Cabinet. Following the Speaker’s appointment, the chair designate shall go before their prospective committee for approval prior to approval in Operations and full Senate. Operations chair designees shall go before the Operations Committee for approval as well as the Student Affairs Committee prior to confirmation in full Senate. Should a chair designate fail to be approved by one of these committees, the other committee shall still vote on the designee; if at least one committee approves the designee they will be voted on in full senate. Otherwise the Speaker shall be required to have another round of applications within one full calendar week with previous applicants not required to re-submit application forms unless they so choose or  the MSA Speaker requests clarification.

Respectfully Submitted,

Evan Wood, Operations Chairman

Amanda Shelton, Senate Speaker