University of Missouri

49-23: An Act to Define the Attendance Policy (Failed)

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-23

An Act to Define the Attendance Policy

PURPOSE: To more clearly define the attendance policy for Senate and establish provisions which would hold senators accountable for their presence for the entirety of meetings

WHEREAS: Currently the attendance policy, in practice, is such that a Senator could theoretically be present only for the calling of the roll and leave immediately afterward, but still be counted as present, and

WHEREAS: Often Senators leave before the business of the Senate has concluded,and

WHEREAS: On the October 28th full Senate session so many Senators left prematurely that the Senate fell below quorum and could not proceed with its business, and

WHEREAS: At the time of the forced adjournment, the Senate had only fully considered two bills, and

WHEREAS: There were a total of seven bills to be considered on the agenda, and

WHEREAS: Bill 49-10 has been pending on the Senate’s agenda since September,and

WHEREAS: It is the duty of every Senator to take an active part of all the business of the Senate, no matter how insipid it may seem, and

WHEREAS: Those Senators who have legitimate reasons- academic or otherwise, for missing all or parts of Senate meetings may be excused at the digression of the Speaker and the Clerks, and

WHEREAS:   Those Senators who leave without such excuses should be subject to consequences for failing to dutifully uphold the most basic requirements of their office.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that section 2.20 subsection A, 3 be amended to read:

(3) 4 or more absences from MSA Senate and committee meetings combined without sending a proxy, documented medical, or academic excuse. Attendance records shall start over in the winter semester of the session.

(a) SENATE ABSENCE POLICY DEFINED – An absence from Full Senate shall be defined as not being accounted for at the time of the roll call immediately following the call to order, as well as not being accounted for at the time of the roll call immediately preceding adjournment.

(i) If a senator is accounted for at one of these roll calls but not the other, this shall be marked as half of an absence.

(ii) If a senator arrives within 20 minutes of the first calling of the roll, they shall be responsible for notifying a clerk of their arrival, and they shall be marked as present for the initial roll call

(b) COMMITTEE ABSENCE POLICY DEFINED – Committee Chairs shall be responsible for submitting attendance reports to the clerks after every meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Evan Wood, Operations Chairman

Amanda Shelton, Senate Speaker