University of Missouri

48-99: A Resolution to Publish a Link to the MU Bias Reporting Form on Course Syllabi

WHEREAS, In December 2004, the MU Values Committee stated that in order to achieve diversity, the university must:
1.    Cultivate a welcoming environment for all members of the community;
2.    Reflect the diversity of the state by encouraging the participation of all who are                  qualified; and,
3.    Help faculty, staff and students, through education and example, to live productively and peacefully in an increasingly diverse society and world, and
WHEREAS, the freedom to report harassment or discrimination is important in building an inclusive environment on campus, and
WHEREAS, Faculty are not currently required to publish how students can fill out harassment and/or discrimination reports on their course syllabi, and
WHEREAS, By creating awareness of the guidelines that are currently in place to protect students is integral in creating an environment conducive to learning.
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Missouri Student Association supports publishing a short description of the non-discrimination and harassment guidelines, and
THEREFORE, BE IT EVEN FURTHER RESOLVED that the MSA Senate supports making it mandatory that the following or similar text be included in all course syllabi:
If you have witnessed or experienced an act committed against any person, group, or property which you believe discriminates, stereotypes, harasses, or excludes anyone based on some part of their identity — such as race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation — feel free to report it to the MU Equity Office in S303 Memorial Union. You can also file a report on their website at
Respectfully Submitted,

Phyllis Williams        Jonathan Mays
Academic Affairs    MSA Senate Speaker