University of Missouri

48-98: An Act to Fund a Contingency and Reserve Request for Sustain Mizzou’s Service Learning class “Sustainable Development in Downtown Columbia, Missouri” & Campus and Community Relations

Purpose: 1. To acknowledge the invaluable work of Sustain Mizzou’s service learning class “Sustainable Development in Downtown Columbia, Missouri.
2. To fulfill the charge of the Campus and Community Relations Committee by co-partnering with this service learning class to promote the value of the university and its students in the Columbia community.
WHEREAS, Sustain Mizzou’s Service Learning class “Sustainable Development in Downtown Columbia, Missouri” was developed as an interdisciplinary project to dispose of the food waste of Rollins Dining Hall in a environmentally friendly way, and
WHEREAS, The class has achieved the following goals since the beginning of the Fall Semester:
1.    Constructed 7 compost bins at 3 community gardens.
2.    9.5 tons of food waste from Rollins Dining Hall has been diverted from landfills
3.    10 tons of horse bedding composted from the Stephens College’s stable
WHEREAS, the Service Learning Class has demonstrated fiscal responsibility by cutting costs whenever possible, including using bike power to transport the waste and supplies, which also has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly, and
WHEREAS, the overwhelming success of the project has lead to the depletion of the modest budget that was funded by the Interdisciplinary Innovations Fund through the Information Technology Committee, and
WHEREAS, The Campus and Community Relations Committee is charged with:
Working with city leaders, CCRC establishes relationships with private and non-profit organizations to involve students in parts of off-campus life, and
WHEREAS, the students of the University of Missouri overwhelmingly support the financial support of sustainability efforts, evident by the passing of Sustainability Fee Referendum with 80 percent of the student body supporting the $1 fee, and
WHEREAS, Bill 48-69, A Resolution to Create a $1 Sustainability Fee as per 80% Student Support on the February 9-11, 2009 Campus Fee Referendum, stated:
THEREFORE, the undergraduate or graduate assistants and SustainaReps should focus on conveying and promoting all aspects of sustainability, including:
Waste Management
Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy
Water conservation and water pollution mitigation (in regard to both quantity and quality)
Green building
Research and Instruction
Transportation, and
WHEREAS, The Sustain Mizzou class provides an excellent example of the possibilities of the Sustainability Fee as outlined in the previous clause, and
WHEREAS, Bill 48-60, A Resolution to Account for $110, 790.20 of Secured FY09 Carryover in the FY10 Budget Summary, stated that :
WHEREAS, On April 16, 2008, MSA Senate passed Bill #47-40, which recorded an additional $68,810.35 of additional carryover beyond the original $40,474.42 projection provided to the Vice President and Senate Budget Committee on February 16, for a total projected carryover of $109,285.86, and
WHEREAS, the instructors of Sustain Mizzou are in the processing of preparing more ambitious funding proposals to adequately match the success of the class in FY10.
THEREFORE, Be it Enacted that the Missouri Student Association Senate would like to recognize the hard work of both the instructors and students of the Sustain Mizzou Service Learning Class for their contribution to MU’s sustainability efforts.
THEREFORE, Be it Enacted that the Missouri Student Association Senate approves the Contingency and Reserve Request of $3,000 to Sustain Mizzou’s Service Learning Class “Sustainable Development in Downtown Columbia, Missouri,” as a partnership with the Campus and Community Relations Committee to further expand the value of the university to the city of Columbia.
Respectfully Submitted,

Phyllis Williams            Tim Noce            Jordan Paul
Budget Committee            CCRC Chair            MSA President

Colleen Hoffman            Joshua Travis
MSA Vice-President            Operations Vice-Chair