University of Missouri

48-69: A Resolution to Create a $1 Sustainability Fee as per 80% Student Support on the February 9-11, 2009 Campus Referendum

WHEREAS, the Missouri Students Association, Sustain Mizzou and other sustainability groups proposed a new sustainability fee used by students to educate and work with students on sustainability efforts, and

WHEREAS, the fee would be used to hire two highly qualified undergraduate or graduate assistants, each costing $12,000, and up to $15,000 a year, to assist the Sustainability Coordinator in the fulfillment of the Coordinator’s duties, oversee and coordinate the SustainaReps, research sustainability initiatives both at the University and other Universities in the nation, and perform audits at the University to show cost savings of sustainability initiatives, and

WHEREAS, the fee would also be used to hire student sustainability representatives, or “SustainaReps,” costing up to $1,000 per student per semester with the funding for at most 6 students, to provide assistance communicating with students and leading programs to educate the campus body about sustainability, and

WHEREAS, the remainder of the fee would act as an operating budget, overseen by the Sustainability Coordinator and Undergraduate or Graduate Assistants in conjunction with the MSA Sustainability Committee and Environmental Affairs Committee, to fund projects that will maximize the quantifiable impact of each student dollar, will be visible to or impact a great number of students, and will help establish the University as a leader in environmentally sustainable practices, and

WHEREAS, Student Fee Review Committee bylaws require a student vote before a new student fee is instated, and

WHEREAS, the Student Fee Review Committee and the Missouri Students Association approved the wording of the vote in Senate Bill 48-58:

1. Do you approve the creation of a new Sustainability Student Fee of $1 per student per semester? The Sustainability Fee will be used to support student sustainability efforts on campus by hiring two Graduate Assistants and up to 6 student workers. These positions would be tasked with coordinating programming and events to educate and inform the student body about sustainability issues on campus and in the world, researching sustainability initiatives, tracking cost savings generated by sustainability programs on campus, and finding and applying for grants to bring money in to the University. These students would advocate for the cost savings generated by the programming and education efforts from this fee to go directly back to the student body. If, and when, a Sustainability Coordinator is hired on the Mizzou campus, this fee will help support the Coordinator’s efforts and will function as the main communication line between the Coordinator and the student body.

If approved, the fee will take effect in Fiscal Year 2010 and would result in a total Student Activity Fee decrease of $0.34. The fee will then have to be approved every 4 years by the student body.

() Yes
() No, and

WHEREAS, students voted on Feb. 11, 2009 to implement a sustainability fee, and

WHEREAS, the sustainability fee passed the graduate students’ vote with 68 percent of the vote and passed the undergraduates’ vote with 82 percent for it. Combined, 80 percent supported the fee and 20 percent voted against it.

THEREFORE, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends a sustainability fee of $1 per student per semester, and

THEREFORE, the undergraduate or graduate assistants and SustainaReps should focus on conveying and promoting all aspects of sustainability, including:

•    Waste Management
•    Recycling
•    Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy
•    Biodiversity
•    Water conservation and water pollution mitigation (in regard to both quantity and quality)
•    Procurement
•    Green building
•    Research and Instruction
•    Transportation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gwen Daniels
Student Fee Review Committee Chair