University of Missouri

48-68: A Resolution Against the Faculty Council’s Recommended Changes to the Academic Calendar

PURPOSE: To declare the Missouri Student Association is adamantly opposed to the Faculty Council’s recommendation to begin Finals Week on Friday and continue it through Thursday of the next week.
Whereas, the current Academic Calendar designates the Friday before Finals Week as “Reading Day,” and
Whereas, the current Academic Calendar provides students both Saturday and Sunday to    prepare for final examinations, and
Whereas, the recommendation passed by the Faculty Council on Thursday, February 26th 2009, recommends changes to the Academic Calendar that would move the first day of finals to Friday thereby eliminating the use of Saturday and Sunday for tests preparation, and
Whereas, the Senate partially agrees that the overlap between Finals Week and the Commencement schedule needs to be reconciled however these changes would substantially reduce students’ ability to prepare for Final Exams.
Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that on the behalf of students, MSA adamantly opposes the Faculty Council Resolution that would not eliminate Saturday and Sunday for exam preparation, and
Therefore, Be It Further Resolved that all proposed changes to the Academic Calendar should have to be put to referendum before being submitted to the Board of Curators.
Execution Clause: After passage, this Resolution shall be submitted to the Graduate/Professional Council, Legion of Black Collegians, and the Residence Hall Association for consideration.
Respectfully Submitted,

Phyllis Williams        Jonathan Mays        Jordan Paul
Academic Affairs          Senate Speaker        MSA President