University of Missouri

48-67: An Act Amending Section 2.60(f) of the Missouri Students Association Bylaws for the Seating of Ten Senators on the Senate Operations Committee and to Allow Senators a Second Committee Seat

WHEREAS, as per Section 2.62(a) of the Missouri Students Association Bylaws, the Senate Operations Committee is charged with the follow Authorization:
(A) AUTHORIZATION—The Senate Operations Committee shall be charged with overseeing and ensuring the successful fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities of the Association. The Operations Committee shall accomplish this charge by
(1) Approving various appointments of the President and Speaker.
(2) Overseeing services, projects and programs provided by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches.
(3) Overseeing internal allocations and finances.
(4) Considering bills of the Senate
(5) Recommending new internal policies to the Speaker, President and Vice-President, and the Chief Justice of the Student Court.
(6) Recommending revisions to the Bylaws and Rules of Senate whenever necessary.

WHEREAS, as per Section 2.62(c) of the Missouri Students Association Bylaws, the Senate Operations Committee is charged with making the following in-house oversight appointments;

(a)    OVERSIGHT APPOINTMENTS – One member each to oversee the Operations of the Department of Student Services, Department of Student Activities, Department of Student Communications, Vice-President of the Association, Student Court, and Board of Election Commissioners.

WHEREAS, the aforementioned responsibilities are currently overstretching an Operations Committee of seven members, which includes the Chairwoman, two Senators who are BEC member, and one Senator who is a Clerk of the Senate; AND

WHEREAS, it is concerning that the majority of the legislative power of the committees of the Senate is currently vested in approximately 10% of the Senate’s constitutionally allotted membership; AND

WHEREAS, allowing the seating of up to ten (10) Senators on the Operations Committee, thereby allowing Senators voting privileges on two Committees, will create a more responsive and flexible Operations Committee and will allow for Senators to get more involved in multiple areas of the Senate if they so choose; AND

WHEREAS, the status quo provides no real incentive to get further involved in another Committee outside of one’s own; AND

WHEREAS, it would not be required for Senators to sit on more than one committee, as they would still have to adhere to the Attendance Policies as established by Section 2.20(A)(3) of the Missouri Student Association Bylaws;

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that Section 2.60(f) of the Missouri Students Association Bylaws be amended as follows:

(F) COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP— All senators must be a member of one standing committee unless specified elsewhere, membership of each committee shall be determined in the following manner unless otherwise specified.
(1) ASSIGNMENT—Senators shall be assigned to standing committees in the following manner: At the first Senate meeting of the session, after explanation of the duties and responsibilities of the various committees, senators shall select three committees of which they would like to be members. The Legislative Cabinet shall then be responsible for assigning senators to the committees as best as possible to accommodate the senators’ wishes and to distribute senators among the various committees. At-Large and Off-Campus senators shall be assigned to committees in the same manner following their election. All senators assigned to a committee shall be considered members of that committee only. However, after appointment to their primary committee, Senators shall have the option to request to be seated as a voting member on one (1) additional secondary committee. If a Senator is seated on two committees, they shall be held to adhere to the Attendance Policies of the Senate set forth in Section 2.20(A)(3) of these Bylaws for both committees and shall be considered a member of both their primary and secondary committees.
(2) REASSIGNMENT—Senators may request permanent reassignment, and such changes in committee membership must be approved by the chairs of the committees involve. Senators shall be allowed to visit other committees to work on overlapping issues.
(3) VOTING PRIVILEGES- Committee members shall only have voting privileges in the committee in which they are permanently assigned. the primary and, if applicable, secondary committee in which they have been seated in accordance with this subsection.


BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that Section 2.62(D) be added to the Missouri Students Association Bylaws to read as follows:

(D) MEMBERSHIP—The Senate Operations Committee shall be comprised of no more than 10 voting Senators.

BE IT RESOLVED that in accordance with Senate Rule 33, a vote of 3/5 of those Senators present at the time of the calling of the question on final passage of this act be required for its passage; AND
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that as per Article V, Paragraph F of the Missouri Students Association Constitution that because this act is not a bylaw or an appropriation it does not have to be sent to the President for his approval and shall take effect immediately upon passage.

Respectfully Submitted,

Josh Travis            Amanda Shelton        Evan Wood
Operations Vice-Chairman    Operations Chairwoman    Operations Committee

Garrett Bergquist        Alex Holley
Operations Committee    Multicultural Issues Chairwoman