University of Missouri

48-65: An Act to Transfer Funds from Contingency and Reserve to the KCOU Budget (Withdrawn)

PURPOSE: To transfer $13,000.00 from Contingency and Reserve to KCOU’s FY09 budget.

WHEREAS, Campus Facilities introduced significantly new costs to the tower project that required an increase in overall costs by $13,000, and,

WHEREAS, KCOU was left with no option other than to pay these new costs immediately to avoid being off the air indefinitely, and,

WHEREAS, KCOU was able to reallocate and transfer the necessary funds from its FY09 budget to pay these new costs in short order, and,

WHEREAS, the prompt payment of these funds secured the future of the station’s FM broadcasting capabilities, and,

WHEREAS, a portion of funds transferred for these additional costs had been intended for Springfest – a yearly event that directly benefits students and is looked forward to by many, and,

WHEREAS, Springfest is a unique event and tradition that the student body enjoys and should not be a casualty of circumstance, and,

WHEREAS, the remaining funds transferred for these additional costs had been intended for use to purchase much needed equipment necessary to replace failing equipment and improve broadcasting quality, and,

WHEREAS, such equipment purchases are of a long-term investment nature and will be suitable for any future studio relocation, and,

WHEREAS, there are funds currently available in Contingency and Reserve well in excess of $100,000, and,

WHEREAS, KCOU’s articulated funding needs are immediate and apply specifically to FY09, and,

WHEREAS, KCOU will spend these funds to directly benefit students in the short- and long-term.

ASSOCIATION SENATE that $13,000.00 from Contingency and Reserve is transferred to KCOU’s FY09 budget ($4,000 to the professional services line item and $9,000 to the supplies line item).

Respectfully submitted,

John Dobson                   Jonathan Hutcheson
KCOU General Manager        KCOU Program Director

Amanda Shelton            Ryan Takeo Morimura
Operations Chair            Student Affairs