University of Missouri

48-64: An Act to move $5,000 from Contingency and Reserve to Technical Support

Whereas, the Technical Support Department labor hours are primarily dependent on the Department of Student Activities events, and,

Whereas, in FY 09 they were allocated a combined $10,000 between student and non-student salaries, and,

Whereas, in the revised FY 09 budget they will have spent a combined $22,360 by the end of the fiscal year, and,

Whereas, the Technical Department has requested an increase in salaries for FY 10 to prevent any future funding during the fiscal year.

Therefore, let it be enacted by the Senate of the Missouri Students Association to approve the transfer of $5,000 from Contingency and Reserve into the student salaries line item for Technical Support.

Respectfully submitted,

Colleen Hoffmann            Matt Sheppard
MSA Vice President            Budget Chair