University of Missouri

48-59: An Act to Provide the Student Fee Review Committee Chair with an Annual MSA-GPC Stipend

WHEREAS, Section 6.31 of the MSA/GPC Articles of Cooperation states:
(B) Student Fee Review Committee
(1) PURPOSE—Because MSA and GPC act as the representatives of the undergraduate and graduate/professional student bodies respectively, the creation of a joint committee to review and provide advice regarding the use of mandatory non-academic fees of all students is necessary to ensure full and fair representation of all parts of the student body.
(2) AUTHORIZATION—The Student Fee Review Committee (SFRC) shall be charged with serving as a liaison between the student body and the University Administration, in order to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency in the review of the non-academic fees of graduate and undergraduate students. The committee serves in an advisory capacity to MSA, GPC, and University Administrators. The SFRC shall accomplish this charge by reviewing and making recommendations regarding the non-academic fees collected on behalf of the student body for, but not limited to, the following organizations:
Missouri Students Association    Student Life
Graduate Professional Council    Jesse Hall
Organizations Resource Group    Parking Facilities
Diversity Fee    Divisional Student Councils
Associated Students of the University of Missouri    Hearnes and Hearnes Facilities Center (funds from previous fee)
Mizzou Club Sports Federation    Instructional Technology Fees/
Capital Improvements Fee    Prepaid Health Fee
Recreational Services and Facilities Fee    College Readership Program
Transportation Fee    Counseling Center
Missouri Unions
, and
WHEREAS, Section 6.31(B)(3) states:
1. Ensure that the committee accomplishes its charge.
2. Preside at all meetings and coordinate the functions of the committee.
3. Ensure the maintenance of committee records.
4. Submit reports to the SFRC Appointment Committee:
at the beginning of every semester, outlining the agenda and legislative goals for the committee in that semester and a schedule of office hours for the semester;
as needed, of the appointments of the committee;
at the end of every semester, detailing the work and accomplishments of the committee.
5. Appoint members of the committee to address issues and to interact with other administrative or executive units as appropriate
6. Train the next chair.
, and
WHEREAS, The full completion of the SFRC Chair’s responsibilities is critical for the accurate representation of student opinions on student fees to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and University of Missouri System Board of Curators, and
WHEREAS, These responsibilities include the completion of an annual report and training of the next SFRC Chair, and
WHEREAS, The SFRC Chair’s responsibilities are typically fulfilled during the fall semester and first month of the spring semester, and
WHEREAS, Level 2 of the Department of Student Life wage matrix currently pays $7.25/hr during Fiscal Year 2009 and is proposed to increase to $7.85 in Fiscal Year 2010, and
WHREAS, the SFRC Chair’s responsibilities typically total up to 6 hours per week.
THEREFORE, Be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the Student Fee Review Committee Chair will reveive a stipend equivalent to the Department of Student Life wage matrix level 2 at the completion of the Chair’s duties in the spring semester, and
THEREFORE, be it further enacted that this stipend is equivalent to $870 in Fiscal Year 2009 and $942 in Fiscal Year 2010 per proposed Student Life wage matrix increases, and
THEREFORE, be it further enacted that this cost will be split equially between MSA and GPC: $435 from each organization in Fiscal Year 2009 and $471 in Fiscal Year 2010, and
THEREFORE, be it further enacted that the stipend will be issued upon the completion of the SFRC Chair’s duties as determined by the SFRC Appointment Committee.
Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Mays       Leslie Rill        Amanda Shelton    Josh Travis
MSA Senate Speaker       GPC Treasurer    Operations Chair    Operations Vice Chair