University of Missouri

48-53: A Resolution to Recognize Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity for Creating the Pilot Sexual Health and Safety Products Initiative

Whereas, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Eta Gamma Chapter started the University of Missouri Condom Initiative in 2006, which was the predecessor to the Pilot Sexual Health and Safety Products Initiative, and
Whereas, No mention of the Greek Lettered Student Organization was mentioned in the email that was sent on Monday, December 8th, and
Whereas, Successful student initiatives serve as an inspiration to all student groups, Greek and otherwise, that ambitious goals are possible.
Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Missouri Student Association Senate would like extend thanks to Pho Beta Sigma Fraternity, Eta Gamma Chapter, on behalf of all members of the Association for creating the Condom Initiative, and
Therefore Be It Further Resolved, that an email be sent to the entire student body recognizing Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity for creating the condom initiative.
Respectfully Submitted,

Phyllis Williams        Carletha Johnson             Joshua Travis
Academic Affairs              Budget Committee            Operations  Vice- Chair