University of Missouri

48-49: A Resolution to Increase the Student Health Fee by Inflation for Fiscal Year 2010

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri Student Health Center aims to deliver comprehensive health services, including medical care, disease prevention, health promotion, mental health and referral services; encourage campus wide collaboration and coordination in addressing health issues; and providing health-related education opportunities to University students and supporting continuing education for Student Health Center staff; and

WHEREAS, the Student Health Center provides students with primary medical care, including the evaluation and treatment of acute illness and injury; chronic disease management, sports medicine including pre-participation sports physicals; health maintenance (men’s and women’s health issues, pre-employment physicals); allergy, immunization, and travel medicine; sexual assault services including forensics examination; physical therapy; dietitian services; on-site laboratory; referrals for x-rays, other imaging studies and specialty care; and

WHEREAS, the Student Health Center also provides integrated mental health services, such as the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric illnesses, psychological illnesses and substance abuse, and health promotion and outreach; and

WHEREAS, in FY2010 the Student Health Fee will cover approximately 84.9% of the Student Health Center’s operating costs; and

WHEREAS, the Student Health Center supplements the Student Health Fee with other revenue sources, including an additional fee for some standard labs, originally suggested by the Student Fee Review Committee; and

WHEREAS, Student Health Center Director Susan Even, M.D., said the Student Health Center could maintain their current level of funding with an inflationary increase to the current Student Health Fee, $92.78; and

WHEREAS, on Monday, December 1, the Student Health Center requested a 5.5% budget increase to hire a new assistant director, who could assist Dr. Even; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Even said the new assistant director is ideal but not an absolute necessity; and

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri System is currently in a hiring freeze, and the Human Resources department has not yet approved the new assistant director position; and

THEREFORE, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends an inflationary increase not below 0% but no higher than the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index as defined by the Missouri Higher Education Student Funding Act of 2007.

Respectfully submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Gwen Daniels
SFRC Chair