University of Missouri

48-46: A Resolution to Maintain the Student Recreation Activity Fee Amount without an Inflationary Increase

Whereas, MizzouRec Services & Facilities strives to achieve maximum participation among all fee-paying University of Missouri students and to ensure a positive and productive leisure experience, thereby contributing to the good health, happiness, and academic and post-graduate success of its users, and

Whereas, MizzouRec attempts to create the best recreation programs, services, and facilities in the world, and

Whereas, the University of Missouri recreation complex is recognized as a model of excellence, credited as the first fully branded and themed campus recreation facility in higher education, and

Whereas, student fee income amounts to $6,290,323 and funds 76.27% of the recreation services budget, and

Whereas, the fee is used to help finance the expenses resulting from student recreation programs, services, and facilities at the University of Missouri, as well as to retire the debt from the establishment of the complex in 2005, and

Whereas, the complex was utilized by 82% of all recreation facility fee paying students while student visitations increased by 9% in 2008, and

Whereas, the promotion of the MizzouRec brand of excellence takes place through event hosting, conferences, and presentations, and

Whereas, the 2008 fiscal year (FY) budget held true, which included a budgeted capital contribution of $1,345,439, while an additional $567,641 was carried over to the capital reserve pool, and

Whereas, FY08 revealed significant increases in revenue compared to FY07, including TigerX membership sales increasing by 12%, Tiger Training sales increasing by $22,911.50 (36%), and The Bar’s gross sales increasing by $27,124 (55%), and

Whereas, the Mizzou Aquatic Center experienced an increase in revenue of $8,635.87 (7.5%) in 2008, Tiger Swim grew in numbers and income, and the annual ICA contribution of $150,000 was renewed for FY09 through FY11, and

Whereas, revenue from other events increased by $6,036 (11%) from 2007 to 2008, and

Whereas, the MizzouRec Foundation fund received cash gifts totaling more than $48,000 in the past year, and

Whereas, fiscal challenges plan to be met by securing sponsorship opportunities, focusing on full cost recovery and true revenue generation with regards to event management, and continuing to trim student wages with a fifteen minute increment system relating to operating hours, staffing patterns, strategic closures, and general reductions, and

Whereas, FY09 miscellaneous (awards) total $70K which includes catering expenses as well as fleeces, trophies, replica columns, and paperweights. $15K goes towards spring ROAR awards for employees, $6K pays for employee textbook scholarships, and the senior luncheon event as well as student staff immediate awards account for some of the remainder, and

Whereas, FY09 business travel of $70K includes travel to conferences and candidate and consultant travel, as well as some catering events totaling at least $17K in which some funds are recuperated, and

Whereas, FY09 advertising amounts to $45,516.26 for clothing expenses, TigerX flyers, and various promotional expenses, and

Whereas, FY09 dues unaccountably doubled to $12K, and

Whereas, costs of goods sold includes the costs of Fast Water gear and products sold at the BAR, as well as toilet paper and gym wipes which are not actually sold, and

Whereas, MizzouRec is not asking for a change in the current fee of $133.11 per student per semester, and is seeking an inflationary increase of 6% to cover rising costs of operational, supplies, maintenance, custodial, landscaping, wage, and minimum wage related student staff expenses, and

Whereas, MizzouRec implements expense saving opportunities, should anticipate rising levels of revenue, failed to communicate specific line item information, and displayed considerable rollover into the capital reserve pool as shown in FY08, and

Therefore, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends that the Student Recreation Activity Fee remain at $133.11 per student per semester with no inflationary increase.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Robert Golebiewski

Leslie Rill