University of Missouri

48-44: A Resolution to Reduce the Missouri Students Association FY10 Student Fee by 5%

Whereas, the Missouri Student Association is a student government for the University of Missouri and,

Whereas, the current student fee for MSA is $22.78 per student per semester, and

Whereas, this government serves a crucial role in the lives of students while at the University of Missouri by providing goods and services to enhance student life at the university, and

Whereas, MSA has shown itself responsible in allocating these student fees to its auxiliaries in past years, and

Whereas, MSA will need additional funding for the following auxiliaries to cover the following costs:
$13,100.00   –>  STRIPES new rental costs associated with lowering driving age to 19
$32,450.00   –>  SLS resources to allow student representation in court
$14,150.20   –>  Salary increases
$1,000.00     –>  MUTV annual equipment upgrades
$10,000.00   –>  Average annual salary increases for full- and part-time staff
$70,700.20   –>  Total
($41,122.20)  –>  KCOU transfer to Student Life
$29,578        –>  New total. And,
Whereas, MSA also has full time employees that receive pay increases every year to cover rising costs of benefits and the rise in inflation

Whereas, the minimum wage in Missouri will be increased from $6.65 per hour to $7.05 per hour, and

Whereas, MSA has requested an increase to be $.56 of inflation to adhere to these costs and cover the inflation increases in salaries and benefits given to the full time employees and the increased cost for the previous mentioned auxiliaries, and

WHEREAS, MSA carried over $134,701.49 at the end of Fiscal Year 2008, and

WHEREAS, Higher than expected enrollment in 2008-09 will result in approximately $40,000 in unbudgeted revenue, with equal or higher extra enrollment revenue in 2009-10, and

WHEREAS, MSA is currently budgeted to spend more than $75,000 in food and travel in Fiscal Year 2009, and

WHEREAS, MSA may reduce its student fee funding by 5-10% with no decrease in quality of programming or student services by developing specific travel and meeting food policies and using carryover from unfilled salary positions.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that MSA will reduce its student fee funding by 5% ($1.14) for Fiscal Year 2010, and

THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that MSA will work with its auxiliaries to form a timeline, cost estimates, and payment plans through multiple revenue streams for future equipment purchases related to the New Student Center.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Matt Sheppard