University of Missouri

48-39: A Resolution to Urge the Creation of a Chancellor’s Standing Committee for Supplemental Fees

WHEREAS, The University of Missouri System defines 24 fees as “Supplemental Fees” or “Other Enrollment Fees, and
WHEREAS, These fees are charged for enrollment in individual courses, colleges, or programs, and
WHEREAS, 21 of these fees are charged at a per credit hour rate of $10.00 to $155.60, and
WHEREAS, 21 of these fees increased by 4.0% or more from Fiscal Year 2008 to Fiscal Year 2009, and
WHEREAS, Multiple academic colleges are proposing course fee increases at a higher rate than the projected December 2007-December 2008 Consumer Price Index increase of 2.5-3.0%, and
WHEREAS, The University does not currently have a forum for student and faculty discussion of supplemental fee trends and proposals across academic colleges.
THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate and Graduate Professional Council General Assembly urging that a Chancellor’s Standing Committee be created to monitor supplemental fee trends in the Big XII and nationally, review budget line items funded by supplemental fees, and provide recommendations on new or increased supplemental fees for the University of Missouri.
Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Mays        Alaine Arnott        Sarah Symonds
MSA Senate Speaker        GPC President        GPC Vice President

Leslie Rill                    Elizabeth Roberts
GPC Treasurer                 GPC Programming and Publicity

Jennifer Holland                Maggie Schlarman
GPC Secretary                 GPC State Issues Coordinator

Karen Kraus                    Josh Travis
GPC National Issues Coordinator        MSA Senate Operations Vice-Chair