University of Missouri

48-38: A Resolution to Increase the Missouri Student Unions Fee by 52% of Inflation for Fiscal Year 2010

Whereas, The Missouri Student Unions provides for the maintenance, administration, utility costs, and capital improvements associated with Memorial Student Union, Brady Student Commons and the new MU Student Center, and
Whereas, these facilities are integral to student life at the University of Missouri and provide for social, educational, and cultural events through the use of meeting space and lounge areas, and
Whereas, The Missouri Student Unions provide services to 20,000 students daily, and
Whereas, student fees make up 51.7% of the Student Unions income, and
Whereas, utilities make up 16.4% of expenses and staff salaries and benefits make up 35.6% of the Student Unions expenses, and
Whereas, the cost of utilities and wages are expected rise due to inflation, and
Whereas, The Missouri Student Unions is requesting an inflationary increase to the student fee to compensate for expected rise in costs for utilities and wages, and
Whereas, The Missouri Student Unions is actively searching for additional sources of revenue to limit the need for student fees, and
Therefore, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends an inflationary increase of 52% of the inflationary rate, being no less than zero, to the current fee of $24.65 per student per semester for The Missouri Student Unions for fiscal year 2010 to account for the rising costs of utilities and salaries due to inflation.
Respectfully Submitted,
The Student Fee Review Committee