University of Missouri

48-37: A Recommendation Against a Fee Increase for the Summer College Readership Program

Whereas, the College Readership Program provides local and national newspapers comprised of The St. Louis Post Dispatch, The USA Today, The New York Times, and The Missourian to the students of the University of Missouri, and
Whereas, the students of MU need a reliable readership program with 98% of the students agreeing with this statement, and
Whereas, the current funding for the Summer Readership Program comes from the rollover from the previous $3.00 student fee per semester assessed in the Fall and Winter semesters, and
Whereas, the College Readership Program is asking for a $0.50 fee per student enrolled in summer courses to fund the program over the summer, and
Whereas, the program is projecting a surplus of $7,900 and the cost running the program over the summer was $5,200, and
Whereas, the program can not overspend their allocated budget because the supply of newspapers decreases as their projected remaining budget decreases, and
Therefore, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends that the College Readership Program does not receive an inflationary increase or their requested fee increase of $0.50 for all students enrolled in summer courses on campus at the University of Missouri.
Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Wiemar        Brian Stieren
MSA Senator             SFRC Committee