University of Missouri

48-34: A Recommendation in Favor of Granting the Organization Resource Group an Inflationary Increase

Whereas, the Organization Resource Group, hereafter referred to as ORG, assists University of Missouri student organizations by means of direct funding, which is used to cover travel expenses, purchase supplies, and pay for guest speakers sponsored by the student organizations, and
Whereas, ORG provides services to student organizations, including the Student Design Center and equipment, such as cameras and camcorders, which are available for check-out, and
Whereas, Over the past year the number of student organizations has increased from 481 to 539, and that number is continuing to grow, and
Whereas, ORG is requesting an inflationary increase because costs are increasing, causing them to need more money to sustain their current level of assistance to student organizations, and
Therefore, The Student Fee Review Committee recommends that ORG continue to receive its current student fee of $9.68 per student per semester in addition to an inflationary increase that is not to exceed [4%].
Respectfully Submitted,
The Student Fee Review Committee