University of Missouri

48-33: A Resolution to Reduce the Student Fee Amount for Jesse Auditorium by $0.05 for Fiscal Year 2010

Whereas, Jesse Auditorium has provided the necessary technology to host performers and speakers since 1895, and

Whereas, Jesse Auditorium is currently used for over 200 events per year, including those scheduled by any interested student organization, and

Whereas, The fee allocation is used to enhance the technology in the auditorium and to fund maintenance/repair and student labor expenses, and

Whereas, Alternative sources of funding are being sought to renovate facilities and replace auditorium seating, and

Whereas, Jesse Auditorium is requesting no change to the current fee to avoid an increase in billing rates,

WHEREAS, On December 9, 2008, Jesse Auditorium Manager John Murray projected approximately $15,000 in FY09 carryover, and

WHEREAS, Murray has agreed to a $.05 per student per semester reduction in the Jesse Auditorium fee for FY10 to return the budget to its FY06 and FY08 carryover levels.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the Jesse Auditorium fee is reduced by $.05 to a new level of $1.95 per student per semester in Fiscal Year 2010 and returned to its current level of $2 per student per semester in Fiscal Year 2011 and beyond.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Robert Golebiewski
Committee Member