University of Missouri

48-32: A Recommendation to Provide Inflationary Increase to the Graduate Professional Council

Whereas, the Graduate Professional Council serves as the graduate and professional student body government and has provided services to all graduate, professional, and post-baccalaureate students attending the University of Missouri since 1982 representing all departments of the Graduate School and the schools of Business and Public Administration, Law, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and

Whereas, the Graduate Professional Council thrives in the development of events such as the Research and Creative Activities Forum and professional workshops to showcase the innovation and talents of the graduate and professional students at the University, and

Whereas, the Graduate Professional Council works directly in cooperation with the Missouri Students Association to provide necessary and vital social programs allowing the opportunity to meet with fellow graduate and professional students, and

Whereas, the fee allocation is used strictly for the development of the above mentioned programs as well as the creation of new programs such as the Graduate Assistant position which will allow a dedicated employee to devote themselves to the workings of the Graduate Professional Council and the Graduate School allowing greater cooperation and communication between the two bodies, and

Whereas, with the increasing number of graduate and professional students entering the Graduate School every year, including the current school year of 2008-2009, the Graduate Professional Council faces increasing expenses in providing the above mentioned services, and

Whereas, 100% of the Graduate Professional Council’s budget comes from student fees,

Therefore, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends an increase equal to that of the inflationary rate and no less than 0% to the current student government fee of $23.55 per student per semester.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Derrick Ray
SFRC Committee Member