University of Missouri

48-31: A Resolution Reducing the Student Fee Revenue of the MU chapter of the Associated Students of Missouri

WHEREAS, the Columbia Chapter of the Associate Students of Missouri, hereafter referred to as ASUM, operates with the mission to educate students about the political process; increase political awareness, concern and participation among students; provide the public with information concerning student interests; and channel student energy and interest in the governmental process; AND
WHEREAS, ASUM has been a voice for University of Missouri system students for over 30 years; AND
WHEREAS, the revenue that ASUM receives from student fees supports “a UM system-level program that places student-lobbyists in the state and national capitols to lobby for student-supported legislation,” in addition to “a campus programming and educational outreach effort to encourage student voter registration, and healthy and responsible voting habits for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Missouri”; AND
WHEREAS, ASUM has requested a fee reduction of $0.36 from the current fee of $1.36 to the amount of $1.00 per student per semester; AND
WHEREAS, ASUM has indicated that this decrease will not inhibit their operations, as the organization ended FY 2008 with a $21624.52 surplus;
WHEREAS, ASUM has currently projected FY09 revenue of $68,000 and expenses of $46,375, resulting in a projected carryover of $21,625, and
WHEREAS, Director of Student Life Mark Lucas has indicated that without further direction, this carryover will be transferred to an equipment reserve account,
WHREAS, ASUM has previously contributed more than $45,000 into this account, above and beyond its equipment needs for the New Student Center, and
WHEREAS, ASUM has demonstrated a need for an annual budget of approximately $50,000, and
WHEREAS, A $.60 per student per semester fee, combined with projected FY09 carryover, will fully fund the ASUM budget for FY10, and
WHEREAS, ASUM may reduce its student fee to $0.60 in FY10 but must return to approximately $1 per student per semester in FY11 and future fiscal years once the carryover has been exhausted, and
WHEREAS, ASUM’s bylaws require its fee to be placed on a student referendum every four years, including Winter 2009 for FY11-14.
THEREFORE, Be it resolved that ASUM receive a total student fee of $.60 per student per semester in Fiscal Year 2010, and
THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that ASUM will retain all of its projected carryover in FY09 and all future fiscal years, and
THEREFORE, Be it resolved that, pending an affirmative referendum on February 9-11, 2009, the ASUM fee will be continued at a rate of $1 per student per semester in Fiscal Years 2011-14.
Respectfully Submitted,
[Signed] Josh Travis        Patrick Wiemar
MSA Senator        MSA Senator
SFRC Member        SFRC Member