University of Missouri

48-3 A Contingency and Reserve Request to Place Predatory Drug Testing Kits in MU Fraternity Houses

Purpose: To fill a Contingency and Reserve Request by Chi Omega Sorority that would purchase storage bins for Predatory Drug Testing Kits to be placed in all of the fraternity houses on campus.

Whereas, the University of Missouri’s Campus and Crime Report defines forcible sex offenses as,

“ Any sexual act directed against another person, Forcibly and/or against that person’s will; or not forcibly or against the person’s will where the victim is incapable of giving consent [Italics Added],” and

Whereas, MU statistics show that the number of forcible sexual offenses that were reported in 2006 included four forcible sexual offenses on the “MU Campus,” one in “Non-Campus Building or Property,” and one on “Public Property,” and

Whereas, the latest crime statistics at Illinois State University, one of the few universities that reports the use of predatory drugs in forcible sexual assault on the internet, show an estimated 29% of women that filed sexual assault claims reported that they think “they were given a date rape drug,” and

Whereas, Sexual assault still remains the most non-reported crime in the United States, and

Whereas, Predatory Drugs, also known as Date Rape Drugs, often go undetected because they become virtually untraceable after the first urination, and

Whereas, Quick access to Predatory Drug Testing Kits is necessary in order to collect a urination sample immediately after the suspicion that a possible victim has been given a date rape drug, and

Whereas, Predatory Drug Testing Kits are currently available in all MU Sorority Houses, AO22, STRIPES Vehicles, the Student Health Center and the University Hospital, and

Whereas, Chi Omega Sorority has worked in conjunction with Greek Life and the Intra-Fraternal Council (IFC) to place the testing kits in all 35 fraternity houses on Campus, and

Whereas, the Student Health Center has agreed to provide 5-8 testing kits for each Fraternity House, and

Whereas, Commercial Rubbermaid bins are retailed at $5.99 at Home Depot for an estimated total of $250.00.

Therefore, the Missouri Student Association Senate supports the Chi Omega Sorority initiative to place Predatory Drug Testing Kits in all of the Fraternity Houses on Campus, and

Therefore Be It Enacted By The Missouri Student Association Senate that the Contingency and Reserve Request of $250.00 should be granted to Chi Omega that would place Predatory Drug Testing Kits in all of the Fraternity Houses on campus.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phyllis Williams               Jim Kelley            Chelsea Johnson
Academic Affairs Chair           MSA President            MSA VP

Lindsay Toler               Ashley Crimaldi        Craig Stevenson
Chi Omega                   Feminist Student Union    AA Committee