University of Missouri

48-27: A Resolution to Hold A Town Hall Meeting About The Issue Of Plus/Minus Grading

WHEREAS, there has been discussion surrounding the issue of plus-minus grading in the Faculty Council since at least 1993
WHEREAS, informal student polling on the MSA Web site has shown students are concerned about plus/minus grading and how it effects their GPAs
WHEREAS, students have expressed interest in exploring other grading systems, including plus only grading, at the undergraduate level
WHEREAS, students of the University of Missouri-Columbia have a track record of academic success, integrity and involvement with their academic futures
THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association Senate supports holding a town hall meeting to gauge faculty and student opinion on the issue of plus/minus grading
BE SO RESLOVED that the Missouri Students Association, acting as representatives of the students of the University of Missouri-Columbia, should work in partnership with the MU Faculty Council to hold this town hall meeting to encourage faculty input.
BE IT RESOLVED that the Missouri Students Association should hold a town hall meeting, before or during the month of February with or without participation from the MU faculty council.
BE IT RESOLVED if the students and faculty at the town hall find it feasible, MSA recommends to the Office of the Provost to reexamine the grading system of the University of Missouri-Columbia.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Juana Summers        Craig Stevenson
Academic Affairs        Academic Affairs Chair