University of Missouri

48-114: An Act to Request $435 from Contingency and Reserve to Pay the SFRC Chair

WHEREAS, bill 48-59 An Act to Provide the Student Free Review Committee Chair with an annual MSA-GPC stipend stated that MSA would fund half of the total stipend; AND


WHEREAS, the stipend is equivalent to $870 in Fiscal Year 2009; AND


WHEREAS, MSA is in line to pay $435 for Fiscal Year 2009 which is the agreed 50% of said stipend; AND


WHEREAS, these funds must be requested from Contingency and Reserve in order for MSA to make its agreed FY09 payment; AND


WHEREAS, said stipend has already been allocated for in the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget in an effort prevent any future Contingency and Reserve requests to pay out said stipend and to show MSA’s commitment to the importance of awarding the SFRC chair a stipend for their service to the students of MU;


THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that $435 be allocated from Contingency and Reserve for the purpose of fulfilling MSA’s payment of the stipend for the Student Fee Review Committee Chair.


Respectfully submitted,




Colleen Hoffmann                  Josh Travis

MSA Vice President               Operations Chair