University of Missouri

48-113: An Act to Improve the Petition Process for the Nomination of Presidential Slates [passed]

PURPOSE: To amend the current nomination process for Presidential Slates to allow students to sign more than one petition.


WHEREAS: As per the current bylaws students may only sign one petition for a presidential slate, and


WHEREAS:  As per the current bylaws a student may have already signed a petition and then later proceed to meet another slate which they support, but would not be able to sign on their petition, and


WHEREAS: A student may believe more than one slate is worthy of being on the ballot for the Presidential Elections, and


WHEREAS: A student will still only be allowed to cast one official vote in the Presidential Election, and


WHEREAS: Duplicate signatures on the same petition and invalid signatures will still be thrown out.


THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that Chapter V of the Missouri Students Association be amended to state:





(1)  Candidates may be nominated by slates only, with each slate providing candidates for the offices of President and Vice President. No candidate shall be placed on the ballot except upon filing petitions with the BEC on Election Form 8A containing the names, signatures and student numbers of 500 qualified voters of the Association and the names of the individuals that are being nominated. Any qualified voter may sign as many petitions as they wish. The filing deadline shall be 29 days prior to the date of the election. Such date is to be advertised by the Department of Student Communications in campus media at least 45 days prior to the date of the election.

Respectfully Submitted,



Sean Haynes                                                   Dan Kelley

MSA Senator                                                  MSA Senator

BEC Vice Chairman                                       BEC Chairman