University of Missouri

48-112: A Resolution to Support DOIT Allocating Funds for the MUTV and KCOU New Studios

Whereas, MUTV and KCOU are both seeking funding for new equipment for their space in the  New Student Center, and

Whereas, KCOU has an estimated cost of $141,100 and MUTV has an estimated cost of $350,000 and,

Whereas, KCOU and MUTV are also working to raise funds to help offset the cost of these projects and,

Whereas, KCOU has raised a total of $64,242.88 and MUTV has raised $36,000 and,

Whereas, the Division of IT for the University of Missouri ended FY08 with a carryover of $413,758 and this carryover has grown to a projected $1,059,990 for FY10 and,

Whereas, DOIT has expressed interest in working with MSA in regards to the funding of MUTV and KCOU with some of this carryover, and

Whereas, these funds would fulfill the IT and infrastructure uses described in the explanation of the IT fee where it states “…funds must support student related computing, IT, and infrastructure needs.” And,

Whereas, MSA would be willing to work out some sort of match or copayment with DOIT as previously discussed,

Therefore, let it be resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that MSA supports the talks and ideas formulated from DOIT assisting with funding for the KCOU and MUTV studio space, and

Therefore, let it be further resolved that MSA strongly encourage the DOIT and Provost allocate funding out of this large amount of carryover from student fees to the KCOU and MUTV equipment funds.

Respectfully Submitted,



Matt Sheppard                                                Brett Dinkins                                      Jordan Paul

Budget Chair                                      MSA Senator                                      MSA President




Amanda Shelton                                 Paul Whiteside

MSA Senate Speaker                          Student Affairs Chair




Erica Zucco

Academic Affairs Chair