University of Missouri

48-111: An Act to Improve the Approval Process of Legislation in Committees

PURPOSE: To amend the current system by which legislation moves through committees


WHEREAS: As per the current system all Acts must be sent to the Operations committee, and


WHERAS: Not all Acts are relevant to the charge of the operations committee, and,


WHEREAS: The charge Operations committee itself does not include oversight of all legislation, and


WHEREAS: The MSA Senate is set up using the Missouri state legislature as a model,and


WHEREAS: Acts within the Missouri legislature, specifically the House of Representatives are assigned to committees by the Speaker of the House.


THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that Chapter II of the Missouri Students Association be amended to state:





(4) COMMITTEE REVIEW – Acts shall be assigned by the Speaker to one primary committee. The primary committee shall be the committee whose charge is relevant to the act. Acts shall also be assigned to at least two other committees in the Senate.


THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the Rules of the Senate of the Missouri Students Association by amended to state:


Rule 4. CONSIDERATION OF ACTS—Any properly sponsored and submitted Act as defined by Bylaw 2.40(a)(1) and 2.40(b) shall be considered by the full Senate in the following manner.

IV. Floor Consideration—No Act shall be brought to the floor of the Senate unless it is on Second Reading and has been recommended “do pass” or “do pass with amendments” by either the primary committee or at least two other committees in the Senate to which it was assigned.




Respectfully Submitted,

Evan Wood                                                            Josh Travis

Vice Chair Operations Committee                        Chair Operations Committee