University of Missouri

48-108: An Act to Approve the FY2010 Missouri Students Association Budget

Purpose: This act accompanies the FY2010 Missouri Students Association Budget (MSA) and highlights the changes made by the Budget Committee.

Whereas, the MSA budget draft is reviewed by the Budget Committee;

Whereas, the Budget Committee meets with department and auxiliary heads and then amends the budget to balance it;

Whereas, Changes to the MSA budget include the following:

  • $886.00 will be added to the Box Office budget for the purchase use of a student charge machine at events
  • $500.00 will be added to the Department of Student Services under New Services for the use of the recently created Sustainability Committee.
  • There was a $4,000 decrease in KCOU’s budget that was used for the purchase of new equipment.

Whereas, the Budget Committee is officially submitting the FY2010 budget for Senate review;

Whereas, the attached budget shall be reviewed and passed by the MSA Senate assembled. All amendments to the submitted budget must be fiscally responsible and justifiable. In addition, upon passage by the MSA Senate, this budget must be sent to the Student Life Fiscal Office, along with being approved by SOGA.

Therefore, The following is the Missouri Students Association FY2010 Budget.


Respectfully submitted,


The Budget Committee                      Colleen Hoffman

Matt Sheppard, Chairman                   MSA Vice President