University of Missouri

48-107 An Act to Improve the MSA Committee Chair Approval Process

PURPOSE:    To allow MSA Senate Committees to actively participate in the approval of their new committee chairs.


WHEREAS,  Only one committee in MSA Senate has a direct vote in the selection of their committee chair, and


WHEREAS,  the full Senate has a direct vote in the confirmation of a committee chair, and


WHEREAS, some committee chair appointees have gone in front of both Operations and the Full Senate for approval prior to having officially met their new committee, and


WHEREAS, all committees and committee chair appointees should at least have the opportunity to ask questions of each other and be familiar with each other prior to the appointee going before the full MSA Senate.


THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that portions of Chapter II: Legislative Branch, of the Association Bylaws by amended to read:


2.50 Officers of the Senate

(E) Committee Chairs—Chairs of committees shall be appointed by the Speaker and approved by their prospective/intended committee prior to theirapproval by Operations Committee, and confirmed by the Senate.


2.60 Senate Committees

            (B) Committee Chair

(3) Method of Selection—When the office of a committee chair becomes vacant, the Speaker shall inform the Senate and must allow one full calendarweek to accept applications for the positions. After interviewing qualified candidates, the Speaker shall appoint a new Chair from among the applicants with the advice of the Legislative Cabinet. Following the Speaker’s appointment, the chair designate shall go before their prospective committee for approval prior to approval in Operations and full Senate. Should a chair designate fail to be approved by one of these committees, the other committee shall still vote on the designee; if at least one committee approves the designee they will be voted on in full senate. Otherwise the Speaker shall be required to have another round of applications within one full calendar week with previous applicants not required to re-submit application forms unless they so choose or  the MSA Speaker requests clarification.   


Respectfully Submitted,                            



Ian F. Krause                                    Amanda Shelton                       Erica Zucco

Vice Chair Academic Affairs             MSA Senate Speaker              Academic Affairs Chair




Tim Noce

Campus and Community Relations Chair