University of Missouri

48-106: An Act to Revise the Student Fee Review Committee Chair Selection Process

Purpose: To amend existing bylaws to provide for a more balanced Student Fee Review Committee Chair appointment process, extend the timeline for application submissions and interviews, and to specify that the current Chair shall play a role in future leadership recruitment.

WHEREAS, the Student Fee Review Committee was created as a joint committee between MSA and GPC to make recommendations concerning non-academic student fees, and

WHEREAS, efforts have been made in recent years to re-focus the work of SFRC and increase diversity and quality of members and the Chair of the committee, and

WHEREAS, the current deadline (March 31st) and method of selection for an SFRC Chair appointment has caused concern among the Appointment Committee members due to interview scheduling conflicts and uneven undergraduate and graduate representation, and

WHEREAS, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Cathy Scroggs, who must approve the next SFRC Chair, expressed approval of a possible change of date in a GPC meeting on March 17th, and

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 48-15 called for a publicity plan to be created for the recruitment of a new SFRC Chair,

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the bylaws be amended as follows:



  • i. REQUIREMENTS-The Chair must be a full-time student of the University of Missouri-Columbia throughout their full term and must maintain a minimum 2.2 cumulative grade point average or equivalent. The Chair need not be an MSA Senator or GPC Representative at the time of appointment, but upon confirmation shall be considered an ex-officio member of both bodies. A person who previously served as Chair may be reappointed as chair for the next year so long as they were chair for less than one semester.
  1. 1. APPOINTMENT-The appointment shall be advertised in campus media and applications must be accepted for the positionbeginning on February 1st at the latest The new Chair shall be appointed from among the applicants, by a majority vote of the SFRC Appointment Committee (composed of the MSA President and Vice President, the GPC President,Vice President, and Treasurer,  and the MSA Senate Speaker.)In the event of a tie, the deciding vote falls to the current SFRC chair.The new Chair must be approved by the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs. The Chair for the next legislative session shall be appointed by the end of the spring semester with adequate time allowed for effective transition between the outgoing and incoming Chairpersons as per item 2 immediately following. The Chair shall take office at the end of the current session and will serve through the end of the next academic year completing a one year term.
  • 2. TRAINING-After appointment, the Chair for the next legislative session shall work with and be trained by the current chair for the duration of the current legislative session.
  • 3.  PAYMENT— The Student Fee Review Committee Chair will receive a stipend equivalent to the Department of Student Life wage matrix level 2 at the completion of the Chair’s duties in the spring semester.  This cost will be split equally between MSA and GPC; and the stipend will be issued upon the completion of the SFRC Chair’s duties as determined by the SFRC Appointment Committee.
  • 4.. VACANCY-If the Chair position should become vacant, appointment to fill the vacancy will be made by an emergency majority vote of the SFRC Appointment Committee and approved by the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs. Chairs appointed after a vacancy shall only serve for the duration of the current academic year.
  • 1. Ensure that the committee accomplishes its charge.
  • 2. Preside at all meetings and coordinate the functions of the committee.
  • 3. Ensure the maintenance of committee records.
  • 4. Submit reports to the SFRC Appointment Committee:
  • at the beginning of every semester, outlining the agenda and legislative goals for the committee in that semester and a schedule of office hours for the semester;
  • as needed, of the appointments of the committee;
  • at the end of every semester, detailing the work and accomplishments of the committee.
  • 5. Appoint members of the committee to address issues and to interact with other administrative or executive units as appropriate
  • 6. Maintain and implement an SFRC Chair applicant recruitment plan in conjuction with the Department of Student Communications.
  • 7. Train the next chair.


(1) METHOD OF SELECTION—The MSA Senate Budget Committee Chairperson and the GPC Treasurer shall serve as co-vice-chairs of SFRC. They shall be selected according to the rules of each organization.


(a) Assist the Chair in the completion of all their duties and responsibilities.

(b) Serve as Chair in his or her absence or vacancy.


(1) METHOD OF SELECTION—Shall be appointed from among the voting members of the Committee.


(a) Keep and maintain a record of minutes from meetings of the committee, including official committee votes.

(b) Maintain attendance records for the committee.

(c) Be responsible for the records of each program presentation and its subsequent discussion.

(d) Ensure that all records of the committee are filed with the MSA Senate and GPC General Assembly in order to be open and accessible for public review.

(F) MEMBERSHIP—The Student Fee Review Committee shall be composed of voting and ex-officio members in the following manner.


(a) COMPOSITION—The voting membership of the SFRC shall be composed of the SFRC Chairperson, the SFRC Vice-Chairpersons, (the SFRC Secretary), and 10 other voting members. All voting member positions will be considered cabinet level positions when considering M-Book qualifications.


a. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT APPOINTMENT from MSA Senate—Five (5) MSA Senators shall be appointed to the Student Fee Review Committee with the advice of the Chair. b. STUDENT FEE ANALYST APPOINTMENT – Three (3) graduate/professional students and up to an additional two undergraduate students will be appointed through an application process.  These positions will be advertised in campus media and applications accepted. The appointment will be made by a committee composed of the incoming chairperson, outgoing chairperson, both vice-chairpersons, and a designee of the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs.



Respectfully Submitted,



Amanda Shelton                                 Evan Wood                                         Phyllis Williams

MSA Senate Speaker                          Interim Operations Chair                    Budget





Josh Travis                                          Jordan Paul

Operations Committee                        MSA President