University of Missouri

48-105: A Resolution in Support of Making Women’s and Gender Studies a Recognized Free-standing Major

PURPOSE: To support efforts on the part of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department to make Women’s and Gender Studies a free-standing major.

Whereas, the Women’s and Gender Studies program was named an official department in Fall 2008, and

Whereas, the Women’s and Gender Studies program currently offers an emphasis in Women’s and Gender Studies as part of the Interdisciplinary Studies Major, and

Whereas, students that graduate with the emphasis must obtain 30 credit hours of Women’s and Gender Studies specific courses, and

Whereas, this is the same number of credit hours that Political Science, Psychology and many other College of Arts and Sciences majors must take from classes in their departments, and

Whereas, the majority of the coursework in which these students emphasize is dedicated to the study of Women’s and Gender Studies, and

Whereas, Women’s and Gender Studies majors would be able to have their specific program noted on their graduation diplomas, and

Whereas, this notation would be specific to what students studied while at MU and what their focus has been over their academic career, and

Whereas, the major would appeal to potential students that wish to concentrate in such subject matter and will continue to make MU more competitive, and

Whereas, there would be no additional cost to make the emphasis into an official major, and

Whereas, Provost Brian Foster and Chancellor Brady Deaton will review the proposal in Fall 2009.

Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that MSA supports the recognition of Women’s and Gender Studies as a free-standing major, and

Therefore, Be It Further Resolved that we seek approval from the College of Arts and Science Dean Michael O’Brien, Provost Brian Foster and Chancellor Brady Deaton, and upon approval continue our invested support as the proposal is reviewed by the UM system office, the Board of Curators, and the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

Respectfully Submitted,



Erica Zucco                                        Jordan Paul                          Amanda Shelton

Academic Affairs  Chair                  MSA President                      MSA Senate Speaker





Alex Holley

Multicultural Issues Chair