University of Missouri

48-104: A Resolution to Declare the Goals of the Meeting between Administration, Faculty Council and Students in Regards to the Diversity Course Requirement

WHEREAS, On Friday, March 13, 2009, the following representatives gathered to discuss the future of the Diversity Course Requirement:

            Dr. Jim Spain – Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Frank Schmidt – Former Chair of Faculty Council

Dr. David Trinklein – Academic Affairs Chair of Faculty Council

Dr. Roger Worthington – Chief Diversity Officer

Jim Kelley – Former President of the Missouri Students Association

Leigh Ann Kempffer – Arts & Sciences Student Council President

Chatoyya Sewell – Co-Chair of Four Front

Bria Scudder – Co-Chair of Four Front

Phyllis Williams – Former Academic Affairs Chair of the Missouri Students Association Senate

WHEREAS, the Faculty Council is exploring the option of creating a taskforce that would be charged with reviewing the General Education Curriculum, and

WHEREAS, the Diversity Course Requirement will be a central part of the discussion when reviewing the General Education Curriculum, and

WHEREAS, formally documenting the agreed upon charge of the taskforce and its compilation will strengthen student efforts to inspire the taskforce to create action plans and timelines for the approval of a Diversity Course Requirement.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the following agreement was made by the representatives in the meeting:

1.      The integration of a Diversity Course Requirement into the General Education Curriculum shall be a top priority of the General Education Taskforce.

2.      Student Representatives will be seated on this taskforce.

3.      Four-Front, with the assistance of other interested parties, shall appoint 2 Professors to the Taskforce.

4.      The Taskforce will be expected to submit their recommendations in a timely manner that shall be defined as no longer than one calendar year.

Respectfully Submitted,


Phyllis Williams                      Bria Scudder                                       Chatoyya Sewell

MSA Senator                          Four Front Co-Chair                           Four-Front Co-Chair




Amanda Shelton

MSA Senate Speaker