University of Missouri

48-100: A Resolution to Pursue a Further Relationship with UM System Library Digitizing Services

WHEREAS, On January 30, 2008, MSA Senate passed Bill #47-19, A Resolution to Create a Permanent MSA Digital Archive in Collaboration with the University Archives and Library Digitizing Services, and
WHEREAS, the bill stated:
WHEREAS, MSA has accounted for 677 pages of Senate legislation created before 2001, when digital storage began on Department of Student Life servers, and
WHEREAS, MSA has negotiated a rate of $1.00 per page to scan MSA documents, upload to, make word searchable via OCR extraction, provide files for integration with MSA websites, and preserve via triple backup on Digital Library servers
, and
WHEREAS, Most documents that were sent to Digitizing Services between February 1, 2008, and October 1, 2009, have been digitized and published online, and
WHEREAS, MSA Senate legislation from 1968-69 and 1979-80 has been cross-posted to, and
WHEREAS, On March 6, UM System Library Digitizing Services Manager Linda Vorce confirmed that all documents received will be posted online by the end of the week.
THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that MSA pursue a further relationship with the University of Missouri System Library Digitizing Services to identify, scan, and publish archived Senate legislation, minutes, and other documents, and
THEREFORE, Be it further resolved that all documents posted to the UM System site by March 13, 2009, will be integrated to the MSA Senate site by the end of the Spring 2009 semester.