University of Missouri

48-09: A Resolution to Declare the Student Goals of the Course Materials Advisory Group

WHEREAS, On October 9, 2008, the Course Materials Advisory Group met for the first time, and

WHEREAS, MSA Senate Speaker Jonathan Mays, Academic Affairs Chairman and Associated Student of Missouri Board Chairman Craig Stevenson, and Senator Phyllis Williams suggested four goals for the committee, and

WHEREAS, formally establishing these goals will strengthen student efforts to inspire the committee to create action plans and timelines for each objective.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the following goals are adopted for the Course Materials Advisory Group:

1.    Promote the value to students of faculty submitting their textbook adoptions by the deadline. This advance notice of required course materials, via the Textbook Buyback program, will save students money regardless of where a textbook is purchased.
2.    Send Textbook Buyback program letters through the Office of the Provost. This encourages faculty to consider the value of Textbook Buyback for students regardless of where a textbook is purchased.
3.    Create a Textbook Rental buyback pilot program for large lecture classes and at least two university departments in the model of Missouri University of Science and Technology. This saves students money by limiting the purchase of textbooks whose content does not change significantly each year.
4.    Use the authority granted in Missouri House Bill 2048 to request textbook content revisions via the MU Bookstore. Distribute this information to faculty and make it available to students. This ensures the content differences between textbook editions are known before a textbook is purchased.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan Mays        Phyllis Williams        Craig Stevenson
MSA Senate Speaker                Academic Affairs        Academic Affairs