University of Missouri

48-07: Operations Committee Amendments

To be added after the last WHEREAS clause:

WHEREAS, MUTV received $12,000 from the Contingency and Reserve Fund through Senate Bill 47-44 for new equipment in April 2008; AND

WHEREAS, KCOU has agreed to repay $17,813 of their request in recognition of the disparity between KCOU’s request for funds and those requests of other MSA Auxiliaries;

To be added after the first ENACTED clause:

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the KCOU general operating budget shall be reduced by $3,562.60 for the next 5 years, to repay a sum of $17,813 to the New Student Center Equipment Fund; AND

To strike and place in lieu thereof the last ENACTED clause:

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that, to encourage the personal involvement and long-term planning set forth in this legislation, should KCOU fail to submit a business plan by the required date, a penalty shall be assessed the following fiscal year at an amount equal to five percent of KCOU’s operating budget for the next fiscal year.