University of Missouri

47-57: A Resolution to Commend Allison Horne for Her Continued Dedication to the Missouri Students Association Senate

PURPOSE: To express the appreciation of her hard work and service to the Missouri Student’s Association Senate through various roles over her four year career at the University of Missouri.

WHEREAS, Allison began her service to the Senate her freshman year serving as the Accademic Affairs Chairperson for a one year term, and

WHEREAS, She is currently finishing up her fourth semester serving the Missouri Students Association Senate as Senate Clerk, and

WHEREAS, Clerk Horne has been known for her light hearted mood and cherry attitude to even the most challenging of obstacles that Missouri Student’s Association Senate has confronted in her time as clerk, and

WHEREAS, she has provided constant encouragement and support for any committee needing guidance, and

WHEREAS, On May 17, 2008 She will be graduating from the University of Missouri, and

WHEREAS, On Wednesday May 7, 2008 she will be assisting with her last Missouri Student’s Association Senate full session, and

WHEREAS, She will peruse her career goals of teaching and enriching the lives of underprivileged youth in the St. Louis area by becoming a middle school language arts teacher through the Teach For America Organization, and

THEREFORE, Be it stated that the Missouri Students Association would like to show our sincere appreciation to such a hard working individual that will be greatly missed in the Missouri Student’s Association, and

THEREFORE, be it further stated that the Missouri Students Association and all auxiliaries and associated entities resolve and thank Allison Ellen Horne for her hard work and dedication.

Seth Botts Danielle Bellis Erin Moran
SFRC Chairman Senate Clerk Student Affairs Chairwoman

Phyllis Williams Brendan Webber Jim Kelley
A-A Chairwoman CCRC Chairman MSA President

Chelsea Johnson Dustin Lloyd Ryan Senciboy
MSA Vice President Senator Student Affairs Vice Chairman

Maria Gonzalez Gretchen Hubler Jonathan Mays
Senator Senator Speaker

Amanda Shelton Dave Salek Mathew Schiffman
Senator Senator Budget Committee Secretary

Patrick Weimer Tim Noce Eric Schneider
Senator CCRC Vice Chairman Senator

Kenneth Jamison Jennifer Claxton Corey Gibson
Senator MCI Chairwoman Operations Chairman

Paul Whiteside Matt Shepard Rachel Parrish
Student Affairs Secretary Senator DSA Director