University of Missouri

47-56: A Resolution to Support the Establishment of Lincoln University’s Student Senate

WHEREAS, The Missouri Students Association Senate has been charged with the honor of representing the voice of the students of the University of Missouri for nearly fifty years, and

WHEREAS, Such direct representation has allowed for unparalleled progress toward student goals, prepared thousands for leadership roles, and further legitimized campus spending and initiatives, and

WHEREAS, This level of student involvement has allowed members to pass legislation concerning a vast array of issues, ranging from sexual health and safety , to disability and diversity initiatives, to human rights violations, and

WHEREAS, The high level of administrative and faculty recognition for the Missouri Students Association allows the senate to conduct business in the most productive manner, and

WHEREAS, The students of Lincoln University lack such an opportunity to fully realize student potential and needs, and

WHEREAS, The lack of a student voice anywhere is a concern everywhere.

THEREFORE, Be it recommended by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the Lincoln University Student Senate receive full recognition for their role on campus, and

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the MSA Senate will fully support the Lincoln University effort to ensure the student voice and will further foster an atmosphere of cooperation and information sharing to build needed infrastructure and begin grassroots efforts to bring about change.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Shelton        Jonathan Mays
Senate Parliamentarian    MSA Senate Speaker