University of Missouri

47-47: A Resolution to Recommend that the University of Missouri Adopts a Diversity Intensive Course Requirement

PURPOSE:  To recommend that the University of Missouri adopts a Diversity Intensive Course Requirement to enhance students’ diversity awareness and better prepare them for their future employment in a globalized society.

WHEREAS, The Missouri Students Association acts as the official undergraduate student government representing over 28,000 students, and

WHEREAS, The University of Missouri student body is composed of a variety of different races, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities, and other various backgrounds, and

WHEREAS, The University of Missouri mandates a commitment to diversity, specifically working to help faculty, staff and students, through education and example, to live productively and peacefully in an increasingly diverse society and world, as specified by the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative, and

WHEREAS, According to the Strategic Planning Process of the University of Missouri, the university’s vision is to be a national model for achieving diversity in its broadest definition by breaking down barriers of difference on the campus, and

WHEREAS, the courses that we, as students, complete make up the framework of our education, and

WHEREAS, the requirement of a particular type of course for graduation ensures its addition to a student’s education, and

WHEREAS, other universities, such as Rutgers, University of California San Diego, University of Nebraska, University of Minnesota and other school in the Association of American Universities have diversity requirements in undergraduate education and,

WHEREAS, many student groups such as the Legion of Black Collegians and Fourfront have advocated the creation of this program.

THEREFORE, Be it resolved that the Missouri Students Association Senate supports the adoption of the Diversity Intensive Requirement that would :
1.    All Undergraduate students would be required to take at least 3 credit  hours that would be designated as “Diversity Intensive” (DI).
2.    The DI Curriculum would be modeled after the Writing Intensive (WI) requirement.
3.    DI courses could be fulfilled within courses counted in the Distribution Requirement in the current general education architecture (GEA) and thus would not require any additional credit hours for any degree in any college.
4.    Courses would go through a process of approval to become DI courses, similar to the way courses are approved for WI designation.
5.    A faculty committee will be appointed to develop a set of criteria that will be used to assess whether specific courses will be credited as DI.
6.    A new standing committee will be appointed to oversee the approval of DI course applications.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Claxton        Jonathan Mays        Aaron Wynhausen
Multicultural Issues Chair      Senate Speaker        Budget Chair

Porscha Kirkwood            Bria Scudder        Phyllis Williams
Legion of Black Collegians        Fourfront Chair    Academic Affairs Chair