University of Missouri

47-44: A Contingency and Reserve Request To Allocate Association Funds Remaining From Fiscal Year 2007 to the MUTV Supplies Budget

PURPOSE: To request funds from the MSA Contingency and Reserve Fund which are present because of rollover funds from FY07

WHEREAS, All MSA entities were very conservative in their financial expenditures in the last fiscal year, and

WHEREAS, MUTV is the University of Missouri’s student-run television, and

WHEREAS, MUTV has recently grown exponentially in staff size and overall capability as a result of accomplishing the following primary goals for overall improvement this year:  equipment quality and maintenance, technology, staff training, production quality, staff enthusiasm and flexibility, and

WHEREAS, This increase in staff size means more students use already-existing equipment, which leads to more chances of damage and disrepair, and

WHEREAS, MUTV will need to continue replacing and purchasing new equipment in order to successfully transition into the New Student Center in 2011, and

WHEREAS, In order to accommodate for this increase in staff size, complete MUTV’s internal renovation, and transition smoothly into the New Student Center, the purchasing of new and improved equipment is crucial, and

WHEREAS, This C&R allocation would allow MUTV to purchase two new Apple MacPro computers ($3,938.00 each) and a new Canon XL2 camera ($4,000).

THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that $12,000 be allocated to the MUTV Supplies Budget to aid in their current internal equipment renovation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chelsea Johnson                                Sarah Schultz
MSA Vice-President                            MUTV General Manager

Jim Kelley                                    Corey Gibson
MSA President                                Operations Committee Chair

Aaron Wynhausen                            Seth Botts
Budget Committee Chair                        SFRC Chair

Matt Schiffman
MUTV Staff Member