University of Missouri

47-42: An Act to Promote Budget Transparency

PURPOSE: To specify cooperation expectations and documentation requirements for University of Missouri entities desiring fee increases.
WHEREAS, the price of a high-quality college education has increased dramatically in recent years, and
WHEREAS, excessive student fees are capable of compounding the problem for even the most legitimate of services, and
WHEREAS, the Student Fee Review Committee and the MSA Senate are charged with the task of providing fee recommendations on the behalf of students’ valued needs and interests, and
WHEREAS, the SFRC and MSA Senate cannot fulfill these responsibilities without timely, accurate information provided by fee-requesting institutions, and
WHEREAS, recent developments have raised questions concerning demonstrated need for certain increases, and
WHEREAS, increased cooperation among campus organizations and spending transparency can only increase public confidence.
THEREFORE, Be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that fee increase-requesting entities and the SFRC shall support an atmosphere of budget transparency in a four-pronged approach:
1.    Fee increase-requesting entities shall provide adequate documentation for the proposed increase, as deemed necessary by the SFRC chair and/or the Senate Speaker. This may include, but is not limited to, the next fiscal year’s proposed itemized budget, prior itemized budgets, and actual spending records of years past.
2.    The SFRC chair shall specify in writing to fee-requesting entities what documentation is needed at least thirty days before the body meets to make a related recommendation. Official documentation requests shall be kept for records.
3.    If a fee increase-requesting entity does not provide requested documentation within the minimum thirty day period, the MSA Senate shall recommend NO fee increase for the next year until the entity complies.
4.    If an SFRC chairperson does not comply with these guidelines, he or she may be removed by a three-fourths vote of the remaining members of SFRC, on recommendation from the Senate Speaker.
Respectfully Submitted,

Amanda Shelton        Corey Gibson
Operations Committee    Operations Chair