University of Missouri

47-40: An Act to Record $68,810.35 of Additional FY08 Carryover in the FY09 Budget Summary

WHEREAS, the Fiscal Year 2009 MSA budget proposed in Bill 47-32 is based on a projected FY08 carryover of $40,474.42, and

WHEREAS, PeopleSoft accounting system records from July 1, 2007, to April 1, 2008, show a remaining Year-to-Date balance of $414,467.86, and

WHEREAS, these records and meetings with MSA department directors and committee chairs result in a new projected FY08 carryover of $109,285.07, and

WHEREAS, this is a $68,810.35 increase over the FY08 carryover listed in the proposed FY09 MSA budget.

THEREFORE, be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the Fiscal Year 2009 MSA Budget Summary records Year-to-Date PeopleSoft line item expenditures and an additional projected FY08 carryover of $68,810.35.

Respectfully submitted,

Jonathan Mays
MSA Senate Speake

Chelsea Johnson
MSA Vice President

Jim Kelley
MSA President