University of Missouri

47-39: A Resolution to Request an Assessment of the Risk Associated with Lowering the STRIPES Minimum Driver Age from 21 to 18

WHEREAS, students become involved with STRIPES during their freshman and sophomore years, and it is in the organization’s best interest to heavily recruit volunteers that will become long-term members, and

WHEREAS, our sister program, CARPOOL, from Texas A&M University has used the minimum age of 18 since its inception and has suffered from an excess of volunteers rather than a lack of volunteers, and

WHEREAS, lowering the minimum age will almost undoubtedly lead to an increase in volunteers, and

WHEREAS, an increase in volunteers allows the organization to operate more vehicles each night (STRIPES has an infrastructure designed for up to ten vehicles a night), and

WHEREAS, the central complaint about STRIPES is that it at times it takes too long, and

WHEREAS, the additional operating cars will significantly reduce wait time, and

WHEREAS, by decreasing wait times, the chance a student will decide to drink and drive because our service was not convenient will decrease, which would not only have posed a risk to the student, but also to our community, and

WHEREAS, the insurance for lowering the minimum driver age will incur an increase in the annual operating costs of the organization, and

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri currently provides coverage for STRIPES at no cost to the organization, and

WHEREAS, STRIPES believes that the best course of action regarding insurance coverage is to depend on a sole provider, rather than relying on a third party insurer, and

WHEREAS, the University’s Department of Risk Management could assume the additional risk at no cost to the organization or to MSA, and

WHEREAS, the only potential costs would be assessed in order to mitigate risk.

THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the MU Department of Risk Management conduct an assessment of the risk associated with lowering the minimum STRIPES driver age from 21 to 18, and

THEREFORE, be it further resolved that the Department of Risk Management forward the results of the assessment to MSA Director of Student Services Jordan Paul, STRIPES Director Domingo Pacheco, and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Cathy Scroggs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nathaniel G. Ballance Tanner N. Tucker Domingo Pacheco
RHA Vice President RHA Speaker of Congress Director of STRIPES

Jordan Paul Jonathan Mays Jim Kelley
Student Services Director MSA Senate Speaker MSA President