University of Missouri

47-38: A Resolution in Support of the “Joint Adoption Campaign”

Whereas, the Academic Affairs Committee and the MU Bookstore has agreed to launch a collective marketing campaign to remind professors to turn in their textbooks on-time, and

Whereas, The MU faculty have done a poor job in turning in textbooks adoptions in on-time, particularly for Fall Semesters, and

Whereas, The University of Missouri’s Bookstore has guaranteed to give students 50% of the cost of all textbooks adopted for the following semester, and

Whereas, the more textbooks purchased at buyback, the better chances students have of purchasing a used textbooks the following semester, and

Whereas, the Department of Student Auxiliary Services has agreed to pay for the cost of t-shirts while the Department of Student Communications has agreed to pay for any other marketing materials.

Therefore, Be it resolved that MSA Senate supports the joint marketing campaign launched by the bookstore and the Academic Affairs Committee, and

Therefore, Be it further resolved that the Academic Affairs Chair and the Director of the Department of Student Communications work continuously to establish a textbook awareness culture among MU faculty to sustain any progress made after the campaign.

Execution: The “Joint Adoption Campaign” shall be launched a reasonable amount of time before the April 15th Deadline. Furthermore, the Academic Affairs Chair should prepare a report for the Full Senate, in a format of his/her choosing, to be given during the first Senate meeting of the Fall 2008 semester that documents the results of the campaign.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phyllis Williams         Ian Krause                Erin Moran
Academic Affairs Chair    Academic Affairs Vice-Chair        Student Affairs Chair