University of Missouri

47-37: A Resolution to Distinguish Textbook Buyers

Whereas, The University of Missouri’s Bookstore has guaranteed to give students 50% of the cost of all textbooks adopted for the following semester, and

Whereas, The MU Bookstore is unable to purchase any textbooks that have not been adopted for the next year, and

Whereas, the distribution company, MBS has begun purchasing textbooks that have not been adopted from students at a substantially lower percentage, and

Whereas, the purchasing of textbooks by MBS at the same time is adding in a general distrust of the bookstore because of the marked differences in textbook buyback offers, and

Whereas, Senate Bill 389, passed in the Missouri State Senate officially defined students attending publicly funded colleges and universities as consumers, and

Whereas, Commerce laws maintains that consumers have the right to information, and

Whereas, Students are currently unaware if at buyback their textbooks are being purchased by the bookstore or MBS at the time of buyback thereby disallowing them to distinguish the price being offered by the bookstore and that being offered by MBS.

Therefore, Be it resolved that the bookstore distinguish which books are being purchased by the MU bookstore and which books are being purchased by MBS during buyback in order to provide students with more consumer information when deciding to sell their books back.

Execution: The Academic Affairs Chair shall work with the MU Bookstore Director of Retail Services to create a system that distinguishes the bookstore from MBS as textbooks buyers with the hopes of students regaining student confidence in the bookstore.

Respectfully Submitted,

Phyllis Williams            Ian Krause
Academic Affairs Chair        Vice-Chair