University of Missouri

47-34: An Act to Move $360 from C&R to MSA Senate for Hand Sanitizers by Computer Labs throughout Campus

PURPOSE: To provide a more sanitary environment for students in the computer labs

WHEREAS, computing sites are high traffic areas and have a high possibility to transfer microorganisms and other forms of bacteria from one student to another, and

WHEREAS, once motion activated dispensers are purchased and installed, Residential Life and MizzouIT have agreed to fill them for the life of the product, and

WHEREAS, the locations of the hand sanitizers would be placed in College Avenue Housing, Hatch, Johnston, Jones 1, 2, Lathrop 1, 2, Laws 1, 2, Mark Twain, Rollins, Respect, Center Hall, Responsibility, and Wolpers 1, 2, 3, 4, and

THEREFORE, be it enacted by the Missouri Students Association Senate that $360 be transferred from C&R to MSA Senate for hand sanitizers that will be put up in the computer labs around campus

Respectfully submitted,

Brendan Webber        Tim Noce            Chris Hollabaugh
CCRC Chairman        MSA Senator            MSA Senator

Caitlin Graham        Jessica Bartz
MSA Senator            MSA Senator